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Tree Removal

🪓 Standard tree removal depends on a multitude of circumstances. The municipality you live in will determine the lawful documentation and permits required for tree removal. Most often this involves an Arborist Report and a ‘Permit to Injure.’ If the tree is an imminent hazard to safety and wellbeing, then the process becomes expedited.
👷 Typically, our crews will consist of a ground-person and climber. Together, they develop a strategy of attack to safely and quickly remove the tree. We take into consideration a variety of obstacles. We plan to work around power lines, decks, roofs and any obstacle of value. Often removal will involve extensive rigging. With ropes and pulleys, the climber and ground-person work together to safely eliminate the tree.
🔥 Explain to our Arborist what you’d like done with the tree after removal. Reduced rates will be offered to customers who choose to keep the wood, as we pass our absence of dumping fees back to the customer. Our arborist will give a free no obligation estimation upon examining the situation on site.


Tree Pruning

🎄 You are permitted to trim up to 25% of a tree before its health begins to be impacted. Overcrowding of dead and living limbs in the canopy can inhibit a tree’s growth. Selectivity is the key to pruning. Trimming an area clogged with twigs will allow for the tree to emphasize growth on the remaining branches. The result is fewer but stronger branches, an overall improvement to structural integrity, and a reduction in foliage.
💀 Disease and dead limbs in a canopy are a hazardous risk to property and safety. Some diseases can only be eliminated by stopping the spread of infection. This would require immediate tree surgery. The tree will slowly die as it’s structural integrity worsens. Eventually, this tree will become a removal.
😵 Dead branches can easily be dealt with through climbing or pole-saw work. A weak attachment to the body of the tree, combined with their overall dead weight dragging the limb down, could cause it to snap unexpectedly. Worse, this could cause an overall structural failure and cause the rest of the tree to snap or be damaged beyond healing. Trimming is recommended to ensure safety.
🌳 Prices are dependent on the complexity of the pruning process. Often, pruning can take longer and involve more planning than a standard removal. Our helpful arborist will arrive on site for a free quote. Make sure to inform our team of any additional information in regards to property and how you would prefer the service carried out.

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Stump Grinding

💪  Pesky old stumps in the way? Something unsightly and interrupting your perfect lawn? We have just the machine for the complete obliteration of the old stump!

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Tree Planting

🌳 Another one of our specialties lies in the planting of trees. Colin has planted over 450,000 trees all across Canada. He even worked in the city of Toronto for their urban forestry initiative. Whether it is selecting microsites, soil analysis, species specific climate restrictions or even long/short term property goals, we can help you plant a thriving tree on your property.

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Hedge Trimming

🍁 Hedge trimming can be a sensitive matter. Trimming of a hedge is recommended for spring and early fall. Its best not to trim a hedge during late fall or summer time. Trees/shrubs are mostly trying to survive during the summer months, fresh wounds could cause significant dieback. Alternatively, late fall pruning does not allow enough time for compartmentalization of decay to occur. Pruning during fall and spring will align with the trees growing seasons and will allow for better/faster recovery of fresh wounds.

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⛓️ Cabling and bracing of trees is recommended for trees you still love but with structural problems. Often cabling is dependent on species type and location of structural problems. We bring steel cabling rated for many thousands of pounds greater than the tree tissue itself and unite the weakened branches. Codominant stems are a perfect example of branches that should be cabled, but don't hesitate to ask whether or not your tree is an ideal cabling candidate. It could be a viable alternative to its complete removal.

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